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Meet Chef Ken Dieter - He is Passionate About Food!

Chef Ken DieterChef Ken Dieter started his culinary training at the Florida Culinary Institute and earned his degree after four years of intense training in both culinary and pastry arts.  After graduation, Ken was honored to become head of the kitchen at Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.  Five years later, Ken proudly became the Executive Chef at GulfStream, also in Palm Beach.

After seven years at GulfStream, Ken's growing reputation earned him the prestigious position of Sous Chef at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.  At the Watergate Hotel, Ken worked under the renowned chef, Jean-Louis Palladin.  Ken says, "Palladin's old world European style and his true portrayal of an iron chef took my years of training and experience to the utmost level."

After four years at the Watergate, Ken moved to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to start his own catering business, which he ran for 12 years.  While operating his Colorado-based catering company, Ken saw a need for personal chef services and began providing them on demand.

In 2009, Ken moved to California and opened Los Angeles Catering to fully explore his love of customized catering and personal chef services.  Ken explains, "I truly have a great time cooking for all types of families and events!"

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